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Talking Dog Transducer Company's owner/engineer, Steve Sank, has many years of experience modifying, upgrading & completely rebuilding high end tube, solid state & hybrid power amps, preamps, tuners, digital front end & analog tape equipment. His most impassioned specialty is the complete rebuilding of NYAL Moscode tube/MOSFET hybrid power amps & preamps (examples below), turning them into what one customer described as "the best solid state amp I've ever heard", and another described as "the best tube amp I've ever heard". Here is what one customer had to say about comparing the small, 150w/ch rebuilt Moscode 300(compared to his Manley 350 tube 300w monoblocks on Von Schweikert speakers):

    I hooked up the Moscode 300 this afternoon late after my company for the last four days (four composers from NY and San Francisco that came to town for the premier of their works and needed a place to stay) left at 3PM.
I tested it out on another pair of speakers first to make sure I would not have any ground or compatibility problems. I stuck an old power cord that I had laying around into it - not a fancy one, just a normal one. There were no compatibility problems so I went ahead and connected the VR8s in biwire mode.
    I notice right away that the Moscode is much quieter in the AC hum department than the Manleys. Just a little passes through that you can hear when you stand near the speaker. I think this is endemic to my system.
Stephen: You are never going to get this amp back unless you replace it with another one period. I am a very honest person but I would seriously consider stealing it if that's what I had to do to get it permanently.
    Quite simply, it smoked my Manleys as bad as can be. The improvement was chilling to realize. Such a little beast and oh so much juice. Pushed the VR8s just as hard as the Manleys do; noticed I needed maybe one notch or two more on the volume dial to get it up to the "don't really want to listen to it any louder" volume. Holy smoke - Albert needs to hear his babies on this amp - way better than the Pass Labs stuff he was using.
    Very sweet. Imaging way way way better. Bass went one more octave lower and much more powerful and faster. Jeepers - this speaker is dangerous with this amp. I heard stuff - low level information -that I don't even hear on my recordings with the Manleys.
    Biggest Surprise: Made all my CDs sound way better than before. The gap between analogue and digital closed a lot with this amp. Amazing. Why would that be? I can hardly wait to hear my new turntable/tonearm/cartridge setup on this amp - I will be setting all that up tomorrow when it arrives from NY.
    I am having a hard time imagining what a 600 or a 1000 would sound like with these really efficient speakers (96 db at 1 watt/1 meter) and 4 ohms not 8.
    What does the 600 do over the 300? Does it sound better or is it just more powerful. You told me once but I can't find the message. What does the 1000 have that the 600 don't have?
    How soon can you supply a 600 in your special configuration?
    By the way, all my listening so far has been turn it on and crank it up right away. No real chance to warm up or settle down. I left it on when I finished up as you said to do. Will it sound better tomorrow?


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