Repair Services
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Our chief engineer, Stephen Sank, has over 25 years of experience in building, repairing and modifying audio and video equipment(15 of those years were spent as a McIntosh / Nakamichi / Yamaha / Denon / Rotel warranty authorised servicer), and all work is done under his direct supervision. We service a broad variety of equipment, including: tube and solid state audio equipment; CD, DVD and Laserdisc players; VHS, 8mm, BetaSP and BetaED video decks and Camcorders(including lens repair); Front-projection TV equipment; and more. Of particular specialty are brands such as:

McIntosh, Marantz, conrad-johnson, Nakamichi, New York Audio Labs Moscode, Tandberg, Studer/Revox, Jeff Rowland Design Group, Spectral, Audio Research, Museatex, Krell, Pioneer (video/LD), Golden Tube Audio, Jolida, Audible Illusions, Fosgate Audionics, Hafler

All repair work is guaranteed for One Year, parts and labor.