Custom Sealed In-Wall Speakers
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Fully-Enclosed Custom In-wall Speakers for Stereo and Home Theatre Applications

Talking Dog Transducer Company custom-designs and constructs fully-enclosed in-wall speakers for home-theatre and stereo applications. We use the same highest-quality components we use in our standard loudspeakers, and all designs are full-enclosed, so that there is no dependence on the wall cavity. This assures consistency of performance, as well as greatly reduced wall vibration and sound transmission to other rooms in the house. We believe we are perhaps the only manufacturer of truely high-end in-wall speakers currently in existence.

Pictured above is a five channel home theater in-wall speaker system designed for use with one or more subwoofer units. The front left, center and right channel speakers, those with the dual woofer drivers, are essentially a sealed version of our Tachion 2.5 model. The rear units are a single-woofer version of the same. These particular units were designed to have a natural bass roll-off at 65Hz, so that they require no bass filtering to mate with the subwoofer system. For the center channel speaker, the D'Appolito configuration of the woofers, laid sideways, provides the ideal dispersion characteristics for a proper center channel. The total price of this system was $5800. Since each system, either stereo or home theatre, is designed specifically for a given wall construction and room configuration, total system prices vary. The average range of retail cost is between $800 and $1200 per speaker.

We can design in-wall systems for any wall down to a standard 2x4 stud depth. Since we want to optimally taylor each system for a given installation, we would like to be provided with architectural drawings or as much detailed information as possible about the location. We are happy to accomodate contractors and dealers.