RCA Ribbon Microphone Repair/Restoration Services
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The late Jon R. Sank, father of our chief engineer, was the designer of some of the last and best of RCA's ribbon microphones, including the BK-11 and the BK-10A, as well as the BK-12 dynamic, and was also in charge of production of the full range of RCA ribbon, dynamic and condenser microphones for 1958 to 1971. He passed on much of his knowledge to his son, Steve Sank, who now carries on his father's legacy. If you have any variety of RCA microphone that needs repair or restoration, please give us a call.
Services range from functional repairs all the way up to complete restoration, to showroom-new condition, as much as humanly possible.  The younger Mr. Sank has a great love of these microphones & an obsessively perfectionistic attitude about working on them.

    NOW: Beyerdynamic, Shure, Bang & Olufsen, American, Amperite, Reslo and Northern Electric Ribbon Mic Service & Modifications:

Functional repairs & re-ribboning, as well as modifications, including:
    Beyer "DX" modifications:
Installation of RCA 77-DX ribbon (literally) into Beyer ribbon mics, with results range from "Nice!" to "Wow!!".  Priced from $150 for M-260 & M-500, and $220 for M-130 & M-160(double ribbon mics).  The M-260, "DX mod'ed", has been described by those who have tried it as "so close to a 77-DX, it's scary", although we won't go quite that far in our opinion of the results.
    Bang & Olufsen "BX" modifications:
Installation of RCA 44-BX ribbon into all B&O ribbon mics, with results firmly in "Oh my God!" territory.  Turns a B&O into something so close to a 44-BX, it is difficult to tell the difference.  Priced at $150 for mono models, $250 for stereo models.
    American DR-332 variable pattern control modification:  $190 including new ribbon.

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