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Welcome to our little slice of audio nirvana. We would like to introduce you to a digital interconnect we call the "Silver Twin". With the theory of "air is the most frictionless insulator" in mind, and given the substantial amount of 99.9997% purity solid core that we keep in stock for wiring our custom speakers, one of us decided to see what sort of sound he would get if he connected his Museatex transport and his Museatex BiDAT D/A converter together using a piece of bare silver wire, simply stuck into each jack hole, and a piece of insulated 6N copper as the ground spun around each jack's outer sleeve. What resulted was a totally unexpected upgrade over any of the digital cables he had previously used, which included the Ensemble Digiflux75, Maple Shade Omega Micro, LAT DI-20D and a top-of-the-line MIT, to name but a few. Of course, I immediately made up a properly assembled version with the same materials, which continued, for the next week, to blow us away. I then decided that, since many
transports and DAC's have isolating transformers on the digital interface, thus making the ground line an equally important conductor, to make a version with all 5N silver, insulating the ground wire with teflon to avoid shorts with the positive wire, but leaving the positive wire bare to reap the benefit of "frictionless" air insulation. This has proved, so far, to be an unbeatable configuration. In one instance, recently, it allowed one of our customers, who had been using Ensemble's, to get positively the best sound without his $1200 Audio Alchemy DTI-Pro in the chain. So now he can sell the DTI-Pro and buy other goodies for the system instead! In qualitative terms, the differences between the Silver Twin and the other cables we have auditioned it against have been primarily (1) much more soundstage depth, width and height, (2) more accurate localization of instruments, (3) more natural transient attack and decay, and (4) silkier top end. This is the average of a broad spectrum of differences compared to a wide array of other cables. Recently, we have started making an XLR-terminated AES/EBU balanced version, with which we have been equally pleased. If your equipment is equipped for this type of connection, you might want to give this one a try, although, very often, we have found that the standard coax version wins out over the AES/EBU. This is largely dependent on the equipment, however, so a comparison is always a good idea.


RCA Coax(BNC available, also): $75/0.5m, $125/1m

AES/EBU XLR: $125/0.5m, $175/1m, $250/2m

As with all of Talking Dog Transducer Company's products and services, we are committed to the concept of sound quality and reliability taking precedence over all other factors.

Please feel free to contact us at the above numbers or mailing address, or e-mail us at "". Thank you for your interest in Talking Dog Transducer Company's products.