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July 8-21, 2007

taught by

Connie Willis


Walter Jon Williams

with special guest lecturer

George R.R. Martin



Taos Toolbox will be a "post-graduate" workshop designed to bring your science fiction and fantasy writing to the next level. If you've sold a few stories and then stalled out, or if you've been to Clarion or Odyssey and want to re-connect with the workshop community, this is the workshop for you!

This is not a workshop for beginners. We won't teach you correct manuscript format or what an adverb is, because we'll assume that you already know. We want to concentrate on giving talented, burgeoning writers the information necessary to become professionals within the science fiction and fantasy field. Our concentration will be on novel writing, but many of the skills taught will apply to short fiction as well.

Students will have deluxe individual rooms in a lodge in Taos Ski Valley, NM, where they can work on their craft amid the beautiful mountain scenery that inspired such diverse creative figures as DH Lawrence, Carl Jung, and Georgia O'Keefe. Most meals will be included in the cost of tuition.

Information about tuition costs and submission requirements will be released soon. In the meantime, mark those dates on your calendar!