Thunder Network Technologies, Inc.
Acceptable Use Policy

Thunder Network Technologies provides community access for a diverse range of customers and for businesses who lease bandwidth through our network to many Internet services throughout its service area. We have areas for users to host their own Web sites, communicate via E-mail, USENET News, and IRC. Even though Thunder Networks Technologies resides in what used to be the "Wild West," and many stretch the analogy to imply that the Internet is like this--lawless and untamed--this is not the case. The Internet is a community of people which is growing to include a large fraction of the general population. Like any community, it is bound by local, state, federal and indeed international law as well as its own covenants and conventions concerning behavior and ethical conduct. Thunder Network Technologies also has an interest in ensuring that its own operations may continue without disruption or interference.

Thunder Network Technologies' policy is to act as a neutral provider of access to the Internet. However, we have legal and ethical obligations and concerns which we must enforce on our systems and networks as detailed below. Thunder Network Technologies reserves the right to suspend or cancel a customer's account, to assess fees for damages or time lost due to the activities of a customer, or even to inform proper law enforcement authorities in the event that Thunder Network Technologies deems that an account has been inappropriately used.

Information about abuses of this policy can be sent to


SPAM is an Internet term that refers to personal e-mail which is unsolicited or has been directed into inappropriate USENET newsgroups or e-mail mail-lists. Inappropriate means that the article does not meet the criteria set out by the charter of the newsgroup or mail-list. This includes Unsolicited Commercial E-mail (UCE), which is advertising products and services by broadcasting e-mail to a large group of people, and multiple posting to a single mailbox or newsgroup (bombing). See the Fight Spam! website for more information on SPAM and its effects on the Internet.

Besides originating SPAM from our systems, your account will also be terminated for cause if spam originating elsewhere refers to websites or e-mail addresses on our systems or networks. This practice is referered to as Spam Support Services, or 'whack a mole' spamming. Our policy is intended to deny the spammer a 'home base' for their spam practicies.

Copyright Infringement

Thunder Network Technologies will not permit the storage or transmission of copyrighted software or other information on or with its equipment or network facilities unless the user legitimately has ownership rights or permissions to use the material.

Trading in pirated software or other materials is illegal and will not be tolerated.

Inappropriate Uses of E-mail:

Remember, no matter how targeted your distribution list, if those on it did not ask to be on it, it is still SPAM and inappropriate.

Inappropriate Uses of The USENET:

Inappropriate Uses of Dialup Modems:

Thunder Network Technologies provides a rotary bank of modems for real-time use by dialup customers. Customers should not abuse this resource by staying logged in when not using the connection. Checking e-mail or chat groups by automated means is not appropriate use of this resource. ThunTek provides dedicated lines for use of customers who require 24-hour connectivity. Customers who stay logged into the modem pool for unreasonable time periods risk being charged for 24-hour connectivity.

Internet Relay Chat (IRC)

IRC is a global chat system. It is supported by several "networks" such as the EFnet or the Undernet. Thunder Networks does not run an IRC server, but does permit users to connect to IRC servers via our network.

The servers to which users connect all have their own customs and rules to which users are expected to adhere.

Illegal activities conducted via IRC will not be tolerated by Thunder Network Technologies and will result in closure of account and possible notification of authorities.

IRC Bots are permitted as long as they conform to the BOT rules for the IRC servers you are connecting to and they do not cause disruptions on our servers.

Security Violations

Thunder Network Technologies takes its computer security very seriously. Attempts to break into our computers from the outside or by our customers may result in legal prosecution.

Also, our computers may not be used as a platform for breaking in to other systems. We will cooperate with sites who have been broken into and with law enforcement agencies to prosecute systems violators.

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