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GM Column Turn Signal Switch Conversion Kit

1967-1972 Cougars
1967-1971 Thunderbirds

Does your new GM-based Tilt Column not match your turn signal switch wiring?
Do the turn signals only flash the center light?
Problem Solved!

These low-cost GM tilt columns must be upgraded for use in a Cougar or Thunderbird. The GM turn signal switch will smoke when used with 6 rear brake light bulbs!
The rear bulbs must be converted to LED bulbs in order for the switch to survive.
Also, the GM switch does not provide the Emergency relay control signal for the relay in the dash ('67 only) and the trunk ('67-68).

A GM conversion kit is required!
Each kit contains:
** 1967-68 Cougar/Thunderbird
* 1 Emergency Signal Adapter with schematic for GM turn signal switch
* 1 LED compatible Indicator Relay
* 6 WCCC1157R LED bulbs (8 WCCC1157R LED bulbs on 1967-68 Thunderbird)
* 1 Turn signal connector shell and 10 pins

1967 Cougar C7WY-13GM341-K: $310.95 1967 Thunderbird C7SZ-13GM341-K: $351.25 1968 Cougar C8WY-13GM341-K: $310.95 1968 Thunderbird C8SZ-13GM341-K: $351.25
** 1969-72 Cougar, 1969-71 Thunderbird w/o cruise control * 1 LED Sequential controller * 2 LED compatible flashers * 6 WCCC1157R LED bulbs, (10 WCCC1157R LED bulbs on 1970-71 Thunderbird) * 1 Turn signal connector shell and 10 pins * 1 GM turn signal switch to Ford schematic
1969-72 Cougar, 1969 Thunderbird w/o cruise control C9WY-13GM341-K: $352.95 1970-71 Thunderbird w/o cruise control D1SZ-13GM341-K: $409.65

Dash Indicator Relay

1967-1968 Cougars
1965-1968 Thunderbirds

Do your turn signal indicators flash once and then stay on? This is the solution!

These replacement indicator relays are compatible with both 1157 and "Plasma" LED bulbs!
The relays are plug-compatible and mount in the original location.
An adjustment is provided but the circuit automatically adjusts for most bulbs.

C5SZ-13A366-CR: Fits 1965-1967 Cougars - replaces 3-pin relay under dash, on pedal support $ 125.30

C7WY-13A366-CR: Fits 1967 Cougars only - replaces K7 3-pin relay under dash, on relay panel $ 119.00

C8WY-13A366-AR: Fits 1968 Cougars only - replaces K5 3-pin relay under dash, on fuse panel $ 119.00

K5 relay location, under dash, on fuse panel. (Picture courtesy of Legendary Cougar Magazine)

C8SZ-13A366-BR: Fits 1968 Thunderbird (to 11/6/67)- replaces 3-pin relay under dash, on firewall $ 125.30
C8SZ-13A366-DR: Fits 1968 Thunderbird (from 11/6/67 to 11/16/58)- replaces 3-pin relay under dash, on firewall $ 125.30

'Plasma' LED Sequential Turn Signal Controller

1969-1973 Cougars
1969-1971 Thunderbirds
1969-1970 Shelby Mustangs

'Plasma' LED Bulbs VS Stock 1157 Bulbs

Easy to install, the C9WY-13A366-AL LED sequential controller includes:
- Replacement electronic sequencer ready to install in your OEM case - Original style molded connectors, just plug it in! - Installation guide with turn signal system diagrams and trouble-shooting hints * Works with 'Plasma' LED tail light bulbs (not included) or 1157 bulbs * Solid state, no relays to wear out!> * Provides maximum light brightness * Protected against improper installation * Replaces Ford sequential controllers C9WY-13A366-A or D1WY-13A366-A * Two year warranty, Designed and built in the USA!
	C9WY-13A366-AL: Fits 1969-73 Cougars with "Plasma" LED Bulbs: $186.25

'Plasma' LED Bulbs

*     Twice as bright as 1157 bulbs!
*     Use only 1/7th the bulb current which reduces the alternator load!
*     Won’t burn out your turn signal switch like 1157 bulbs!
Note: These bulbs are custom designed for use in multiple bulb tail light assemblies. Other bulbs may look similar but are not the same! The other bulbs on the market are not isolated between the turn/brake function and the running lights. Without this isolation, the running lights will turn on the brake lights - on the opposite side!

	WCCC1157R: Red, for 1969-1973 Cougars, package of six: $102.00  back in stock!

	WCCC1157R: Red, for cars using 1157 bulbs, package of two:  $34.00 back in stock!
	WCCC1157Y: Yellow, for 1967-73 Cougars, 1965-73 Mustangs, package of two:  $34.00

LED Side Marker Adapter

   When using front LED lights on 1970 & up vehicles, an LED side marker adapter kit is required:

        1970 Cougar:        D0WY-15A434-LSM (4 adapters and LEDs)             $ 164.95/set of four

        1971-72 Cougar:     D1WY-15A434-LSM (2 adapters and LEDs)             $  82.50/set of two

The LED Side Marker Light Adapter kit is required when the C9WY-13A366-AL or the TS-400 Sequential controller is installed with LED front turn signal and LED side marker bulbs on many 1970 and up Ford vehicles where the side marker lights alternate with the turn signals when the headlights are on.

This adapter solves the problem where the side marker voltage feeds back through the front turn signal bulb when the running lights or headlights are turned on. When this happens all the rear bulbs may flash together and/or it may trigger the front turn signal bulb to turn on.

This problem occurs because the high side of the front turn signal element is used as the ground for the side marker lights. It solves this problem by providing a direct ground path for each side marker light. An adapter is required for each side marker light. LED bulbs are included in the kit.

These adapters maintain the original Ford factory function of the side maker lights:
1. light up solid when the headlights or parking lights are on;
2. flash in unison with the front turn signal when the headlights or parking lights are off;
3. flash alternating with the front turn signal when the headlights or parking lights on.



1969-1973 Cougars
1969-1971 Thunderbirds
1967-1970 Shelby Mustangs

          Do your sequential turn signals flash too fast?

          Do your lights all flash together?

          Does the last light flash too dim?

                              Problem solved!

          Replace your old flasher can with a modern electronic unit.

          The flasher kit includes:

                             Replacement 2-pin flasher module with ground

                             Installation instructions

          DOWY-13350-L: Replaces parts DOWY-13350-A, DOWY-13350-C flashers.  $41.95
                          Use with “Plasma” LED bulbs only.
Prices are subject to change. Include $12.00 shipping.

WARNING! These products may contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm. See:

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